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Dear everyone,
Thank you in advance for your replies and advice. I am offered to go on a business trip to Sudan for a month. I am from Hungary and have never undertaken trips to Africa. Could you, please, advise what to expect in terms of security, living, costs of living, transportation, food, etc. Should i consider further factors being a lady? Most probably i will be staying in Khartoum, however might need to travel to other places too on an occasional basis.

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Thank you Muibmuel. I have read the articles, however would like to know what is better to rent a hotel or a flat. I am going there for a month? Would you suggest a reasonable hotel? Could you, please, advise nice areas to rent the apartment. How is public transportation in Khartoum?

Public transportation is very bad compared to west world, in africa its good :).

I think its what you prefer more, you can find a flat for 300 to 500 USD a month but flats are not ready usually. Hotels are more expensive from 50 USD up & the greater the more expensive, there is Rotana hotel and it cost 300 USD a day they have almost everything & corinthia hotel which is same price. So it depend in ur budget.

Thank you for your reply. I might come with further questions :)

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