Any Egyptians near Bangalore? Yooo!

Looking for Egyptian friends in/near Bangalore, India ...

Well I may not be of interest, however if you just want to chat. I'm from LA and will be moving to Bihar sometime next year I believe. My husband and I studied Arabic for one year in Medinat Nasr, we loved it and totally look forward to going back one day. What are you doing in Bangalore, work?

Hello! Thank you for your prompt response, greatly appreciated! this sounds really interesting. I am from Egypt, lived in Toronto for the last 4 years before I move to Bangalore this month to kick-off my first start-up business in the tech world. I liked the city and the people so far, seems very friendly and welcoming but you know living in a place where you have absolutely no friends is not pretty easy. Do you live here in Bangalore? and what do you do? it'd be my pleasure to get in touch with you.

Hey that would be great. I actually live in the states right now. I was born and raised in LA, but am moving to India with the husband and kids to help in a greater cause. His family runs a school for the underprivledged and it will be a tough transition moving to the village but I'm putting my faith in God. My brother in law lives in Bangalore, if I'm ever able to come I will definitely get in touch with you and brush up on my Arabic, lol. Where in Egypt are you from and what kind of business are you starting?

Oh, that's awesome to come for such great cause. I'd be glad to her more about it! I am from Alexandria and I am in the IT business, it's Bangalore! :)

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