Supa Dave Update

A quaint update in the life of Supa Dave. A new door is opening whilst the other is slammed behind me. Just been benched at Freeport so without income (money, honey, moolah, oz wallabies etc.) it's off to emigrate (back) to Australia to find work and enjoy the drier climate of the southern latitudes (Perth).  I just wanted to thank everyone onboard and although Perth is a 4 hr flight away in the real word- I'm still only a keystroke away from immortality here online. I'm exiting from expatting for a while & I do wish you all well and send my thoughts and prayers to the wonderful people of Indonesia. My mind is presently shuddering at my future Australian income tax bill and am considering giving up the smokes after I googled that $220 a carton  is the going rate of cigarettes. Please- no "give up smoking comments" -- best wishes to all and stay positive.

PPS Perth is presently 14C - OMG 😲

Much prefer the 32/28C of Surabaya but I guess life's not like a chocolate 🍫

Best wishes and cheers for the great advice

PPPS Fred- pic- please

Good luck and ....

give up smoking :D

You are clearly cut and buffed and handsome. 193cm high apparently. (tall dark handsome great combo)  Clearly s drivers license photograph taken at the local constabulary office 😂😂😂 love the glasses - impressive figure. Yes---- time to chew gum and hum tunes when thinking of smoking. My time has arrived....

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