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To All,
There is a company that advertises on the forum for moving and shipping to Puerto Rico.
I have contacted them to ship 2 pallets of household items from South Carolina to Puerto Rico. They informed me that they won't ship 1 pallet since it is so small.
I contacted them again to inform them that they misread my request and that I have 2 pallets. They have not answered.
I waited a few weeks and resubmitted my request and made it overly clear that there is 2 pallets for 128 cubic feet.
They did answer and told me that my request was already declined once and will not be reconsidered.
If they can't read, what will they do with our belongings?

Hi bugbunkie,
Have you found another company yet?
Where are you located, I can ask some of the members to see if they have a specific recommendation for you.

Some members have used:
1) Rosa Del Monte
2) U-Pack
3) US Post Office

A lot of people have left or sold most of their furniture and only bring things that can not be replaced. You can have a friend or relative hold your packed stuff and ship it to PR thru the post office a little at the time once you have an address in PR. Most people do not ship appliances and furniture since you can buy them in PR either new or used and probably do better than shipping all the household stuff.

We will be basically shipping important papers, heirlooms, a few wall decorations and some minor light kitchen stuff plus clothes (no winter coats however). Our only big item is going to be the car since the wife loves that car. Likely we will ship most things via the post office, our daughter can hold the stuff and ship it as needed. Likely we will end up with 20-30 boxes, we been trowing and giving away stuff for 18 months now in preparation for the move. Some items like mower, snow blower and our major appliances we are making it part of the house that will go in the market next March, this way new buyers have good appliances that they don't have to buy and settle faster.

We used u-pack. Very helpful w all questions I asked. I thought they were pretty reasonably priced.

We used U-Pack.  We used moving companies to load and unload the truck.

You may want to look into Mayflower, I seem to remember they also ship to/from Puerto Rico, but it is not a recommendation. I used them about 20 years ago so that is a lot of water under the bridge.

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