Life in the Germany,especially as an african.

Almost done with my BSc in Northern Cyprus and its a place i really want to forget, quite frustrating really, and i don't want to make the same mistake i made by coming here, i just want to know how life is especially as an African in Germany, getting a job, how are the locals and cost of living.

I think you need advice from Africans to really give you some insight. There simply aren't many Africans in Germany but the ones who are I think would tend to live in the bigger cities or in University cities which are known to be more tolerant. Otherwise one stands out as an outsider. It is a small minority of people who are outright openly racist but subtle racism is fairly prevalent, which means many people are first going to be skeptical of a foreigner until they know them. It has gotten better over the years as more foreigners have established themselves here. Of course if you are a football star or well-known hip hop artist then it is easier. In the last decades there are a lot more kids of African descent that have grown up in Germany who speak the language fluently. But once people here you don’t speak the language well then there is always the risk they will assume you are a refugee or something.

But just having a BS is not necessarily going to mean you can get a job. If you don’t have an EU passport then it’s difficult. Employers give first preference to EU citizens and basically have to show that they could not find a qualified person. This is usually going to be in high demand fields of high tech and sciences. Just a bachelor in say biology or chemistry is probably not going to be enough for a non-EU citizen especially if they don’t speak German. Someone with a doctorate and fluent English would have much more of a chance.  But it’s hard to predict if one will be happy in Germany. Like anywhere, it depends so much on the job and living situation and eventual circle of friends you find. Maybe you should try visiting as a tourist first to see if you like it before going to all of the effort to try to immigrate.

Temple55 :

its a place i really want to forget, quite frustrating really, and i don't want to make the same mistake i made by coming here,

Happiness when abroad depends mostly on yourself and your attitude - MUCH more than on the conditions that surround you. If you take your negative attitude with you, you will also eventually want to forget Germany!

That said, there are quite a number of Africans in Germany, as Tom said mostly in the cities. Many have formed associations based on their country of origin, which you can find by Google. Since Africans aren't much different from others (except for the skin colour), you might also read about and learn from the experiences of other foreigners in Germany.

Of course you'll have to learn German (preferably before coming here) to find a job and have a fulfilled life.

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