Life in the Netherlands,especially as an african.

I'd love to know in detail how life is in the Netherlands for africans, almost done with my Bsc in North Cyprus, and its been one hell of a journey, something i really want to forget, racism, language barriers and all that, its been really frustrating living here, so i really dont want to end up in a place worse than this, hows life there? getting jobs as a foreigner and how are the citizens and their attitudes to africans, and how about cheap schools and all? all answers would be appreciated.

Hi Temple and welcome to the Forum. :)

At the top of this page is our Handy Tools link, select that and it will take you to our Expat Guides, containing several guides with advice on what you have to do to emigrate to Holland.

To try and answer your questions:

Holland is like every other country in the world, there are racists and xenophobes there, but they are a small minority and unless you are very thin-skinned, I wouldn't worry about it in Holland.

Language will be a barrier, just like it is for everyone who doesn't speak Dutch and I suspect you will have to go through the Dutch Integration process like every other non-EU citizen, part of this is Dutch language exams, so you will have to learn Dutch to a reasonable standard to get in.

Life in Holland is good (if you have a job), it is miserable without it.  Schools are state provided, so not an issue.

Once you've read the guides, if you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Hope this helps.

Cynic Expat Team

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