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I am looked at an apartment in Bogor.  The owner is renting it for 56 million rupiah. When I looked at it it was empty. No stove, refrigerator, no water heater and no wifi and of course no furniture. He claims all those will be added after I sign a rental agreement. Can someone comment on this and what I should be careful and watchful of please.
He also said electricity and monthly maintenance is about a million rupiah a month.

I know some parts of Bogor as as bad as Jakarta but that still seems a lot of cash unless the place is top end.
As for the 1 million/month - again sounds OTT.

The killer is the lack of anything inside. He could put anything in there and you're into a thousand arguments you're unlikely to win.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing.  I will go again tomorrow and check it out further and get more details.  I absolutely will not sign anything until that place is furnished and has a water heater and stove at the very least.  And it's a 2 bedroom with a balcony.
How much should the maintenance charges be?

It depends on the location that you are interested in and the quality of the furnished that you've wanted. Which area are you thinking about?

I decided not to live in Bogor after all.  I will keep looking I'm in no hurry.

A lot depends on work and preferred lifestyle but you might want to consider Yogya or smaller towns like Purwokerto.
Just a thought to toss around your mind. :)

i was actually thinking about Yogyakarta.  I like it there and I think I found a sponsor and he knows Java quite well.  He told  i'd be better of in jogia than BAndung or Bogor.  What is Purwokerto like.  I heard about it but have not gone there yet.

I really like Yogya, it's big without being too big and has pretty much everything you could want.
It's a place I'm seriously considering when it comes to retiring.

Purwokerto (and most medium size towns like it) is a nice place with not much by way of traffic jams but the cinema needs a bit of work to bring it up to cinema 21 standards.
Lots of everything for normal daily life but you'd have to travel for specialist stuff.
Easy transport with two honest taxi companies that don't rip you off and always use the meter without forcing them (Minimum fare Rp15,000)
The train takes you to Yogya or Jakarta and housing is crazy cheap.
I took a look at buying a three bed place - Rp300 million. The same in Jakarta runs at a lot closer to a billion.

Lived there for a year and was very happy.

Try Serpong area. In my opinion it will be much friendlier to foreigner. Living expense will not be much different than Bogor.

cisca sundoro :

Try Serpong area. In my opinion it will be much friendlier to foreigner. Living expense will not be much different than Bogor.

Serpong (BSD) has its charms, especially the easy shopping and wide variety of foods available.
Rents in older but still fair estates hover around Rp30 million/year assuming you don't want to go wild.
As with all places around Jakarta, the estate agents and developers have pushed prices up past affordable, hence all the new, cheap flats being built.

I don't want to live in or around Jakarta.  I am definitely  looking outside of Jakarta area.  Jakarta is way too difficult to live in for me.  It's bad enough i have to visit to get to other cities hahaha.

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