Legal assistance for medical ground

Dear all,
   I am very new to this forum. I am planning to move to UAE soon. But I have one problem to clear out first, so I am here for expert advices.
  From my recent blood test I came to know that I have syphilis. My VDRL and TPHA reports are both reactive. I already have started my treatment for the same. As per doctor it will get completely cured after proper treatment of some shots, but the reports may still reactive for 2-3 months to get back to normal as nonreactive.
   I know to get residence visa in UAE, they will do a test for syphilis for my job category. As per UAE immigration law, its not under deportable disease category, if reports come active then need to go for treatment.
  I want to know whether this medical issue still can be a problem for me to get visa. And if not, then what will be my steps to done the visa things?
Please help....

Thank you

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