Moving to Peru

If you think you really want to move to Peru you need to have all your ducks in a row! Don't take someones word on thinks. go there yourself.

I am a world traveler, been to Peru many times, even have a wife from Peru. I took some online group that you needed to do this, an this and go here an here an all would be great. well it wasn't. Even with 2 lawyers an 3 friends that spoke Spanish an lived in Peru it took 3 weeks just to open a simple bank account.
banks do not have to let you open an account in Peru. most banks will not even talk to you at all if you do not have a DNI card!
I was told all i needed was a carni that allowed me to sign an execute contracts (30 soles) available at the immigration office. well that really doesn't do much unless you want to buy something or rent something.

There are two banks that will deal with a tourist without a DNI Card. They are Inter bank an BCP bank with exceptions, Inter ban Bank will only give you a savings account if you want to travel to Juliaca  as this is the only branch can can do passport accounts.
  BCP bank has very few employees that speak English so have someone with you that speaks Spanish. next get in line with a number. they insist that you use your DNI card but as you don't have one, just say you don't speak English an get a number. Before you begin you need your passport, $500.00 dollars as deposit. your carnet). waiting can be anywhere from 15 minutes to a hour or so.You will have to have also the following in order to be successful. 1. a local address, not a temp one, or a hotel 2, a cell phone so that the bank can call you and 3. a valid current email address.

if you follow the steps etc.. you will be successful in getting your debit card an your savings account.

ps make sure you ask about the fees that the bank charges.

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