Original certificate need for oman visa processing?


I have a offer to oman visa for engineering job in muscat, they asking to my original diploma certificate to visa processing to send through courier to oman place.

I want to information regarding to orginal certificate need to visa processing for oman jobs.other country is need only scanned copy .

Can you provide the right information oman visa.( for engineering jobs )

Hi Abdullhakk,

Attest copies of education certificates are enough during the job applying stage.

Once you join work,then you can furnish your original educational certificates and take them back immediately after scrutiny.

To send your original certificates to an unknown and would be employer is fraught with risks.

If the would be employer misplaces or loses your educational certificates you are left with no option but to apply for a duplicate. To get a duplicate educational degree / dilploma certificate in India is a nightmare.

With no guarantee of landing the job do not send any of your original certificates. Send only the copies. So even if it were to get lost or misplaced, you do not lose anything.

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