Ten-year economic outlook redux

Several weeks ago, I posted a question essentially asking what people thought the economic situation would look like in ten years.  Generally, the trend was negative. The following is a reply to a posting today, and if you were to read the hyperlinked article in full, I'm wondering if the negativity holds.

Stumbled on your post, and I did follow the hyperlink and read/skimmed the entire article.  Most
telling quote is this: "If no one is here to change what is happening, we will suffer." The people look to
politicians to solve problems, but politicians make a point of creating problems -- they're good at it. 
Case in point: the US Congress. So, it is, indeed, up to "the people" to solve their own problems and
just sidestep the politicians.

I know Calle Loiza, Santurce, and Ocean Park from the 1970s, and I've been back and forth on
returning at this point in my life when the only draw would be the climate. Awhile back I posted a
question on this forum about what expats thought the ten-year outlook would be. It was not positive.
And it's not positive if those living on the island do nothing to change what they can, no matter how
little.  Having said that, I wonder what you're getting yourself into. Sounds like you're jumping in w/o
having done your homework.

I think this link is important, so I want to copy it here: … ness.html.


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