Recommended hair colourist in Cairo

Hi, I am an Indonesian who has moved to Cairo for work couple of months ago. I have settled in for several things, like restaurants, shops, and gyms, but now I want a breathe of fresh air for my hair style and there comes the confusion. That is mainly because I have read in so many forums that only a handful of hair salons are recommended in Cairo. The lacking of recommendation have got me deterred, because I want adventurous hair colours (pink, blue, or green), and not just highlights or brown/ blonde hair dye.

I know that there are several threads in this website asking similar questions, but since few years have gone by since they were last posted, I am hoping for more improvement to happen to Cairo's hair styling world? Err.. or not? lol.

I have read (and got a bit interested in) salon chain called Les Elites, but since they have several branches, I wonder which one of them will be most recommended for hair dyeing. Another recommendation will be gladly accepted, but since I mostly go around Garden City, Zamalek, or Giza, I would be happier if they are located around Maadi, Zamalek, or Giza (and not as far as Heliopolis/ 6th October City :D).


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