Bring my Motorcycle / car to Kenya

Since I am looking at moving to Kenya sometime in 2018 I want to ask about shipping my motorcycle or car to Kenya and what the taxes and fee are with bring it in ?.  Can I use my US or danish drivers license in Kenya ?. Thanks


Hello, regarding the importation of a car; the vehicle must not be older than 8 years and must be right hand drive.  Duty is calculated on the basis of CIF (cost + insurance + freight).  Kenya Revenue Authority value the vehicle, based on the UK 'Glass's Guide'.  Duty, VAT (16%) and various other charges amount to around 75% of the vehicles value.  Vehicles must also have a pre shipment inspection by a company called Jevic.   

If your vehicle is diesel and has a dpf, either have it removed, or don't import - the lower quality fuel will block the filter, leading to large repair bills.

For motorbikes; see the link below: … calculator

Riding a motorcycle in Kenya is very high risk, so ensure you have a good medical cover - hospital/medical charges are very high.

Sell me the motorcycle if it is a superbike

Thank you for the link for motorbikes. However my bike is from 2007 and it's a Honda Shadow 1100. The biggest size you can pick is 750 and the oldest is 2010 so I cant really calculate it. How do I go about this?. Thank you


Soren Larsen

I suggest that you contact a shipping specialist in that case.  I really don't know about shipping bikes.  I have only ever shipped personal cars.

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