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So we bought a cute indoor/outdoor sofa and chair combo at Inoa y Reyes...great price...couldn't beat it, cute looking...BUT, not very comfy.  So, I've decided to go with my original choice:  A Friheten sofa sleeper from IKEA (extra bed instead of someone on the blow up mattress in living room a definite plus)  Also, I love their Poang chairs.  We have one at home.  They are a bit more pricey in SD, but not too much, and I'm getting what I want...already have the Poang cushions vacuum packed to take down, just buying the frames.  Now comes the tricky part.  I can order and pay for it online and the delivery to Cabrera is like 7K pesos...worth not having to pick it up in a more expensive pick up truck.  My questions are:  How long until it's delivered?  3 days/3 weeks?  And has anyone here had any experience with shipping from IKEA SD to North Coast?  Thanks in advance.

Yes i shipped to Puerto plata and it was done within 8 days. I think they guarantee within 10 days.

I was very happy with the service.

Great. Thanks.

FYI:  You can't buy IKEA-Santo Domingo stuff online from US without a Dominican bank card/credit card?  If you try to buy from US, you have to call them and give them your cc number over the phone and then be present with the card when they deliver so they can take an imprint...hmmm....feel like it will be better to just drive down with a pick up truck and get the stuff....just hope it's all in stock!

I ordered online from Santo Domingo store, have them my cc# on a secure system, followed up with a call to American Express and verified the charges. Stuff was delivered to Santiago. We hired a guy/company from Sosua named Damian to transport. He met us at Ikea, STI. We had to wait an hour for staff at Ikea, so we buzzed up to El Encanto and bought a fridge. Damian drove up there, picked it up, came back to Ikea, got all the stuff and met us in Sosua. I did have to show the cc and ID, but that was fine. We also had to bring the invoice. Great experience. Would totally do it again.

Ikea would have delivered to Sosua, but the days are limited. Damian was very reasonably priced, had a nice truck, and good employees.

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