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Hi, i am looking for a friendly Bahasa indonesia teacher. I am already conversent and need to become fluent. Any advice? I will of course pay for the classes, but I am looking for a friendly person to have conversations over the weekend, maybe 1.5 hours per weekend.

Try here … asses.html

I can teach you Bahasa Indonesian (language)  friendly an easy way as I can contact me ***

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Hello there.. have found the bahasa indonesian teacher yet? I can teach you and its good if you already know some basic words. Lemme know. Dian~

Did you consider an Indonesian gf. If you're married already- please- no intent to offend. I'm married to an Ambon Princess and over the years I can definitely say my bahasa improved. As I say- if married- apology

hi... im rebecca. I saw your post the other day regarding Bahasa Teacher. If you still need bahasa teacher, you can just contact me. Im friendly and im a teacher too... thank you

Bonjour Monsieur Willy, i would love to teach you bahasa. bahasa indonesia is my mother tongue, i was born and raised here so i have a very fluent indonesian accent. don't worry i am also advanced in english so you will get the lesson as understandable as it might be. leave me an update if you are interested! terima kasih

Perhaps I can help you, for teach bahasa Indonesia.


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Didn't work for me...girlfriend (now wife) wanted to learn english and because she is more persuasive and stronger than i am, I never got to learn its been almost 17 years.

I would love to have an Indonesian teacher and some Javanese to if possible.

Hi there Gwazulu,

Perhaps I could help, am a native speaker & fluent in English conversation, with javanese background and reside in Surabaya, would be glad to teach you some javanese as well.

If ure interested, send me your number in private message, preferably whatsapp number.

Have a good one 😊

U can learn from indonesia people, because they easy going to learn if u want

I am looking for a private tutor for bahasa.  One or two times a week in Jakarta  Please message me if you are interested

Hello I am also looking for a Bahasa teacher.  Are you still doing lessons

Hi everyone,

For all those looking for private tutors, please post your adverts in the required section :
- Language classes in Jakarta

Thank you


Perhaps I might offer a suggestion for expats wanting to learn Indonesian.
Many teachers here are badly underpaid so often take on private work to supplement their income. That means calling in a school at staff kicking out time (Long after the kids have left) and you'll very likely find a degree educated professional teacher to help you.
Just ask the security guard and he'll very likely talk to the teachers for you.

Fred is spot on as usual and I was just thinking the same thing. My own kids are European persons and their bahasa indo is not that good. We paying good money for one of their teachers to come to our home to help them improve their bahasa indo. One of the teachers tried to ask Rp1.2 million but we said no, too much money lah. Another one is cheaper. Some of the teachers are very friendly as they dealing with small kids.

Hi all,
I can teach you bahasa,
I just need a place to stay and food,
That's all i need

The best way to learn Bahasa Indonesia is living with the Indonesian native speakers. 
You can make a friend with them and start your conversation.
Don't worry Indonesian are very friendly and they love to help other people or foreigner..

Hi Asangah,

I can teach u Bahasa, if u living in Jakarta.


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