Living in murcia in 30s


I am wondering if anyone knows of any clubs or groups for women in there 30s
Me and my family are moving to murcia next year and I'm concerned about my wife finding friends I've been looking online for things for her to do to meet people around  her own age  as she will not be working all I can find is activities for retired people I was hoping someone on here could offer some advice


I live in Murcia now for 1 year with my husband and 2 kids. I am also looking to make friends and am not aware of any groups. May be your wife and I can create an Expat group for Murcia!

hi there, i m looking for friends too! I m an ozzie but have been living here for 7 years though I really want to get to know english families living here.

I’m an Aussie in Murcia too :)
I am living on the coast in San Javier with my Spanish husband, but I am also in Murcia City very often, as his family lives there.

@Ericca & @annearg12 would you like to arrange a day to meet up?

Errica me and my family is moving to Moratalla region murcia - We have rented an country house and would like to meet up with like to meet up with people for a BBQ or so :)

We will slowly move there permanently as we going to do the move in stages as ì need to get my autonomo ect. sorted. I am currently self employed from Holland.

We could do with some friends that know the system and more ...

We are landing the 13th April 2018 - so me and my other half could maybe meet up on the 14th -
Please contact us at **

Kind regards,

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