Life in Karachi

Hi I got interesting opportunity in Karachi and I'm considering moving there, however i have no information about the place.
How is Karachi and Pakistan in general, Is it safe for woman, I will be moving there with my wife. Can she go out without problems?
We will be living in Bahria Town. Is it good?
How it looks like from the activities point of view? 

Hello Szycha,

Welcome to Pakistan.

Karachi has a population of 20 m and an area bigger than 70 countries so it all depends where in Karachi you will be living and exactly what you will be doing.

Bahria Karachi is another town 50 Km out side Karachi city so living there is practically out.

Karachi is a fairly safe and a wonderful place to live in and enjoy. :)

Hi Riaz
Thanks for the answer. I will be working for Bahria and living in their accommodation so I guess it will be outside Karachi itself. But will have car so guess not a problem.
How are the activities there. I mean going out in the evening, going to the beach etc.
I'm bound to arrive at 26th of September but still waiting for confirmation of flights.



Bahria is a world in it self. There are lots of Europeans and eastern Europeans working for Bahria group.

Please note the following points:

a) Some of the European embassys raise an un necessary hype about security issues which will create tension. You should be your own judge to draw a line between what is necessary and what is comfortable.

b) Your wife will feel good in dresses which are less revealing to prevent unwanted attention in public crowds, Pakistan's national dress salwar kameez with head cover is ideal for this.

c) Karachi beaches are over crowded over weekends so choose week days with groups and security.

d) You will initially find it strange to have lots of arms and gunmen around, you should soon learn to ignore them, they are just there to scare bad guys.

e) You will be provided with a driver and will not be expected to drive in Karachi. You will soon know why.

Whatever time you are going to live in Pakistan for, I feel it should be a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to know Pakistan's rich culture, religion, music , food and tourist resorts in the north of Pakistan. :top:

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