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hi to evryone
one of my friend is coming form indonesia to malaysia ..
and she need job here..
she is telecom engineer and she got almost 2 years experience in indonesia
if any one know how to get job here for her then please tell us..
thanks :)

Get her to check out vacancies on Jobstreet

tried already but on job street most of this happend that they never call just submit c,v and all that

It could take a long time to find a job and not being Malaysian citizen is a disadvantage in that field as there are local employees available. Advise her not to accept an offer on a foreign worker visa, but to hold out for a professional pass category III

she is coming on visit so how it gonna work ?

She can try and get some interviews whilst here. If she gets a job offer, she will have to leave the country while the immigration application is being processed. Other solution is to write to prospective employers. It is best not to use the online web-based email, but to use PM to the email address shown on their webpage.

bundle of thanx to you ..:)

Trying direct approaches to companies not advertising is probably going to be a good option. Send CV plus covering letter by email. Malaysian government is getting locals into work, so will probably be difficult.


Here is a job lead   A contact to go through mentioning NTT is elizabeth.sandra[at]

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