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Hi I have all prices  in BS. What is a street exchange rate for US and BS. That I  can understand prices.

Today 30/08/2017 is  BSF. 13.950,00 for each US Dollar

Hi to understand right exchange rate
1 US dol. is 13900BS or 13,9 BS
Thanks Doug

Hi! 13.900.

$50USD x 13.900= 695.000bs

695.000 / 13.900 = 50usd

That is good info. Till now i couldn.t exchange how much is lunch or hotel.

Hi Can I buy condo with BS , or it must be in US dol?

Hi!.. Yes of course you can buy with Bs. But be ready to be confiscated by the government, the prices are hilarious in Venezuela if you have euros/dollars, but if you are foreigner is possible they don't allow the purchase.... I don't know your situation there but be careful and get all the information that you can about the laws before to try something.

I wanted to ask if you pay with cash or with your card (debit/credit) Why this? because recently I was in Venezuela and I paid with my both cards Colombian and European and when I checked my bank online I noticed that my Colombian bank discount me in COP and not in Bs,  the exchange fee they charged me in Euros it was wrong too, plus the purchases not appear as purchase, only as a transference without name.   if you are paying with cards, check with your bank because you can get a very unpleasant surprise. - I hope not-

Hi i bave sand you ma e mail. Did you recived it.
On ce quain it is

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