Moving from the US to Cambodia

I'm looking to move here in a few month. I'm a single black male age 29 . Any tips on black friendly areas ? Part time jobs ? And would 500 a month be enough to live off .

I have black daughters , and they have visited me no problems, and I know some black people living in Phnom Penh,  500$ a month , if you can live like a Khmer ok you will make it , but that involves a 100$ a month rent , fan if you buy one , bare minimum is 500$ and I would really think it over, if you can live in Khmer housing ok , but it's pretty rulal,  no question it's harder for a person of color to obtain a teaching job, it's just a horrible fact of life here, most rich khmers and Chinese want to see a white face teacher their children English, but not all, I would save some extra cash, work really hard on a positive CV to immediately start looking for work as a teacher, private students perhaps? Please think hard on 500$ it's going to be tough! You won't be vacationing! This will be survival only , just think hard , make sure you get round trip just in case , I'm not as young as you so I don't want to discourage you and ambition, but even three hundred more a month would be a lot better, that's the great thing here, a couple hundred extra will make all the difference!

I think white people experience more "racism" than black people do here in phnom penh. Its the "your rich and have everything" thing one finds all over asia, but it isnt that bad.
You can rent a room starting from 50$ up as far as i heared. Basic meals are around 1$. If you really want to live on a low budget.
I dont know about jobs here, but it is certainly difficult to make money in one of the poorest countrys in the world.

Yes I don't feel you would have a problem with your color , unless you are seeking employment, and yes as a white person the assumption is always you are rich! But I know first hand about the teachers of color getting jobs,  I have went to several schools, as a white man without a degree, it's still easy to find work, but not as easy for any other race , although it can certainly be done, if you have a degree from college bring it it will surely help out,  a telfl degree is only 200 online I would secure one of those before I left, but I can't tell you enough don't be discouraged come , it's fantastic, I love Cambodia, wish the best for you !

definitely hard to make money if you don't have any sort of idea how the country works... Lets say a local monthly salary is 120$ to 150$, if thye have to degree, even with one after studying such a longtime will only give you 300-500$ ( for cambodians  )

I was offered 1100 a month several times to teach, that's a lot of money here! And in USA that's poverty

Thank you all for the replay . Ok so if I want to come for a month I saw some airbnb for about 300-350 rent a month ,let's say another 200 for food and another 200 for extra. Would 700 a month be comfortable for a one single male ? And also I I wouldn't want to teach . I have a online web design business which brings in some passive income . I waiting to reach around 700 of passive income and then come . I plan on working from home online making sales calls to sign up more clients. Given the time difference I will most likely have to work nights to teach USA clients . I will make sure to have at least 700 dollars already coming in and build on that . What do you think ?

Ok I'm thinking your thinking right, I had to assume you have no plan, Yes this is totally a good plan, you should onlyrent airbnb for a month you will be able to find a furnished apartment with wifi and ac for 250 easy, could even go 200 most of these will be in the Russian market area which is fine, I wish I was your age again, you should have no problem with race relations, Cambodian people as a whole are very kind! You could even go to the coast on the weekends as a 6$ train ride and a 10$ a night hotel, is pretty easy, wow you ought to come ! Walk around town so manyforrent spots , here's my advice , everything is bartered down , I usually have all the cash up front for at least three months soin your case let's say you have 600 for three months rent, that should get you into a 300$ per month asking price , but just 200$ cash well you could knock off maybe 25$ per month , just learned , they cannot turn down the cash , they will not!!!!

Your awesome - thank it . Do you currently still live there ? Would be nice to make friends before I come .

Yes I do live here, I am returning to California for holidays with my family , I will be leaving Phnom Penh oct 31 and return January for 6 months , would like to meet up before or after anytime in retired and don't have a real schedule, good luck

Sounds will post on here when I'm getting close to come .

Yea I would love to show you around what I have learned living here , and might be helpful ?

Would love to befriend you also sir ! :)

Of course anytime , I'm pretty much just living in pp by the royal palace, love this country , so you might get a more slanted view , anytime happy to meet new friends , always

Really appreciate that guys look forward meeting you guys . Few more questions open to all to jump in . What are women like as I'm 29 and have a pretty high sex drive also have any of you had what they call happy pizza ? If so what was it like ? Another thing the travel to Cambodia do I have to get on boats ? I want to stay in phonm phen .

Well no boats plenty of girls , careful as always out at night late etc etc, but you should be able to have a good time here

How Ian lakeside area ? Heard there are good guest house there .

I'm sorry meant riverside

A lot of guest houses to choose from, you won't have a problem with a few things in Phnom Penh
1. A guest house are rental, many to be had , just need to pick your area
2. Transportation ha funny subject , when I hear people ask how to get around , I was thinking it's a joke, but I realized they have not visited , so no transportation worries at all for 2-3$ you can go anywhere in Phnom Penh
3. Girls , plenty
4. Happy pizza, lots of pizza with everything you could want for toppings , you get the picture, 172 street is my favorite pizza place nice family runs it .  This might be the place for you!

Yaaaay sounds great !

Yeah I want to pull the plug over here and get back to Asia. Cambodia sounds cool but until we get there and live for 3 months or so, it is all still guess work! I am getting nibbles on volunteer work but took a few left turns in life and must generate some income over there to live there even at this ripe old age LOL!

What are your plans? I will probably get a one year business visa (I think it costs 300 bucks or so). Also if you want to call to talk about this, my number in Florida is 786 439 8938.

Well rick with our fine new president has made it harder for USA citizens to be here, they are talking no long term visas without a confirmation of a job, my e visa for a year runs out in February, although you can always get a tourist visa and renew it once for thirty days , then leave the country and do it 60 days later, I'm hoping this won't be the case , but relations with USA is at a low point , as of now you can get a E visa  at the airport good for 30 days , and can get the year long visa after the 30 days for a year multiple entry , this is to me is the whole thing multiple entry, so nothing has changed yet, although I am thinking it very well could

ive heard it changed already, by law since 1992, but they will implement it by september 4th

Yes it doesn't surprise me and I don't blame the Cambodian government for this, it's all coming from USA , I love it here and will do what it takes to continue spending my us $ here , I've have not heard definitely yes or no yet, but I believe you !

Hans, is there a way I can be in touch with you? I will probably need your advice at a later time. But I would even like to meet with you for coffee I think you may be able to advise me as far as relocating with a budget in mind. I'm retiring and I have been to Cambodia various times but never before considered it for retirement until now. Can I leave you my email or add you to my whattsapp or any other application?

Hi, everyone. I have a total of 5 full cases of used clothes 125 kilos, sheets, and a box with a used bicycle plus a carry-on. I’m moving from Kuwait to Cambodia. I know they give you the option of going through the nothing to declare and the opposite. But my question is will they accept the used items as nontaxable or will they become noxious. Please, what was your experience related to this issue and when did it happen?  Any changes any happy stories?

Quick question regarding the sequence of obtaining all necessary documents.

I have read many conflicting things about the order of everything. Sorry if this is a stupid question! So, I would get the "Ordinary visa" and then get a job, the job helps secure the work permit (also do I need a residency certificate to get one?), and then go to a travel agent to submit it all for the extension? Is that right?

Edit: Crap, I didn't mean to hijack the thread. I was just reading above about the laws tightening up! I can make my own thread if that'd be easier!

No you should be fine getting a e visa at the airport, then you can renew it after 30 days for 3-12 months, but if this changes , you can get a tourist visa for 30$ I believe , you can renew it for another 30 days at anywhere guest houses travel places , no shortage of places to renew, so not to worry, if you do get a job you can get the business visa, this is my understanding I have been in Phnom Penh 2 years now , all you need is a passport and $ you can easily get a visa on arrival, they were offering  a e visa on arrival for 5$ more this can be renewed for 3-12 months after the first 30 days , if this is still a option go for it , then you can get a multiple entry visa after 30 days with the e visa, as far as I know this is the same, if it does change you can do a border run every 60 days a forced vacation!! It's only 40-60$ one way to Bangkok , or 20$ bus ticket , it's easy to stay in Cambodia! If I'm wrong about any of this don't worry someone on this site will correct me ,if you get a chance ask Khmer jo he's on his site a very nice Dutch man who really knows what's going on , a lot more so than I , good luck here you will love it

As Twinsguy mentioned there is the business visa, officially called EB visa. Apply for it on arrival, it's 30 days valid, $35, in the meantime (you can do any time before 30 days as they stamp from the latest date).
Extension is 3, 6 or 12 months. Go for 12 months I would say.

If the agency where you extend your visa says cannot EB, then apply for the EG visa. This is specially created for people searching for a job. Again 30 days, extension for 3 or 6 months.

Then get a job and the employer will take care of the work permit. After you got the WP you apply (change) your EG visa for a EB (business) visa which requires a work permit.

Things are changing and it is possible that they give you a EB visa on arrival, without work permit. Just apply and see what they say. Immigration officers are friendly and helpful, at least that is my experience.

Should you have the 6 months extension of the EG visa and still not got a job, you just leave the country and come back to ask for a new EG visa.

I hear ya. Twinguy is right on the money. Just do it. I am moving to Battambang on the 27th of September for my 54th birthday.
Cambodia is a beautiful young country with opportunity everywhere. So relax and fly under Twindudes wing for a spell to get your bearings and you'll be golden.
Now far as the girls go ...omg.  It's off the charts but be cool and don't gall to hard out of the gate. Pace yourself lol. Happy Pizza is a blast but lasts for 4 hours so block off that time. The Riverfront is where I'm familiar with and I stay at a $8 hostel beside the Burger King, it's called the Camory. 12 bed dorm Ive had to myself on 3 or 4 visits. Its right on the river and has a great little second flr. deck to watch the world go by. Tons of great bars and restaurants all around it. $700 is a bit lean too. I'd shoot for $1200 for no issues and pare down, or up from there. There is tons of IT work too which pays as well as teaching. Make friends with a local and get them to walk around with you to find "for rent" signage in Khmer. You see it everywhere behind the Sisowath Quay street which is the riverfront tourist main drag. Twinguy is rigjt on the money too with flashing a little cash when you're ready to pull the trigger on a place. Be prepared to pay $200 and an extra $50-75 for utilities. You want to negotiate hard at this point and get the Khmer friend to act on your behalf.
All this aside, just get over there and fly with Twinperks.
Oh dude,  the color gig is minimal but Asians do dig white cause they think we're wealthy but the chicks dig dark meat. Just be cool. You're gunna love it.
Oh and make sure to get the business visa at the airport for $35 not $30 and bring correct clean crisp bills and a passport photo. We'll hook up for a night of mayhem Canadian style.

Thank you for that great piece of information.

Omar I too remember when I was your age , so I'm in complete understanding, forget about the girls , so many, don't even worry about this part, it will happen, but don't put anything about women on this site or they will delete it, evidently they think this is a taboo subject , but this will be the least of your problems !

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