I lived in Ceiba, but.....

Hi, this is a sad subject for me, but I've often wondered if anybody else on here loved Honduras yet got into trouble there in terms of substance abuse. I was fine there and loved it in many ways, but I think in part brought on by isolation and heredity, things went downhill for me after a year. In Ceiba I literally lived across the street from a Coke Bar/store - plus with the prices of everything being quite low it was a nearly lethal combination. Anyway, just curious if anyone can relate, thanks, pedro45

How sad to blame Honduras for your weakness. If you are old enough to have written the post, you are old enough to say "NO".

How sad to not be able to read well, nobody "blamed" Honduras, but rather the pitfalls of cultural and physical isolation coupled with one's on proclivities. Good Lord....

Y ademas mira tan exitoso el programa de "Just say No" haya funcionado en los EEUU...Geffcken, me imagino que es hora de encontrar un interprete para saber lo que te he dicho....idiota

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