Looking for visitors and members of new community

Hi there,

We are a couple in our thirties. Pregnant of our first beautiful baby boy. We are looking to start a sustainable and laidback community of like minded and very open minded people. The location will be near the beach in Bahia province of Brazil and in the South of Chile near or in Patagonia. We are currently posting all over the internet to find interested parties. Any tips and help from you would be very much appreciated. The goal would be to set up a place that will allow for free holiday camping and allow for people to help out during the work projects AND most importantly for us to offer you a friendly and/or neutral space to find each others companionship for being.

Our preference goes out to individuals that have a strong desire to become as free as they dream and feel a positive challenge in the consistent search for that experience. Feeling confident and secure about yourself and able to open up your deeper levels will help greatly in the formation of this community idea. It will be based on values like spiritual awakening, the minimalist life style, permaculture areas and working together on small projects to generate an income.

We have enough savings, good will and understanding to bring a property to a new productive green life, but we find happiness more important than to achieve the physical goal of ´living off the grid!' We would very much like to work together with you to achieve both goals. It is important that our efforts do not attract any spiritual pretentious people, for they are considered a corrosive factor in the cooperation. So you will be screened and expected to behave honorably to safe guard the integrity of the project.

Thank you for reading and understanding.

Greetings and Love,

Flora and Greg

PS: You can email us your story and questions at florafaunauniverse(at)protonmail.com.
We ourselves have been travelers and nomad globally for almost a decade and will continue to visit similar places. Feel free to invite or host us. Here is our CS profile for social references. https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/diflori

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