Please help! Moving to Melbourne Australia


Me and my husband are moving to australia after he was offered a job. The company has now started the visa process so we are just waiting for that to be sorted.

Can anyone recommend a bank we can set up an Australian dollar current account before we go? One where we don't need thousands of pounds for.

Any other advice on what we should do before we get on the plane would be appreciated.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

I suggest that you do a little online research using Mr Google for banks. I am sure one of them will allow you to open an account before you arrive.

For cost of living  You should consider short term accommodation to give you time to find something after you arrive. Try airbnb for short term.

You need to find something close to your husbands work, remembering if the job is in the city then accommodation costs are more expensive.

Hello Mandy,

Congrats on the big move. Melbourne is a great city. I would recommend checking out our Melbourne City Guide. It has a lot of information that I think you will find useful.

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