Looking for advice about moving to Bahrain

Hi  Evryone
Long story short 😛
My husband and I are moving to Bahrain from Australia (Perth) at the end of this year
He got a job as a pilot with Dhl and start as soon as we settled
I don't have a job yet and don't really know much about Bahrain
I would love to hear some advice or story's how did people start to get to know the country and specially how different is the culture for Europeans !?
Thanks guys 😊


You will enjoy Bahrain

It's really a good place for expatriates

Regards mat

hi and welcome t Bahrain in advance, getting to know the island is really not so hard as most of the peaple here are helpful and it is a small island with a variety of cultures and freedom , im sure you will love it.

never hesitate to ask if you need any help or any specific info.

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