After final exit can i go to UAE with e-visa

Please let me know one thing i have a important quition to ask.

1. What if i already have UAE visit visa for 30 days (online application e-visa) and if i put my final exit from saudi arabia can i go to UAE directly from saudi arabia ?

2. In the same situation after my final exit holding my e-visa for UAE can i go to bahrain by road and travel to UAE ?

Note :- in the end of visa paper the rules are mentioned one of the rule is
(Upon arrival, if GCC residency is found to be expired or cancelled, then the entry permit holder will not be granted entry)

So my doubt is if i go final exit then how can i go UAE if this rule is mentioned ? And secondly visa is issued based of Saudi Iqama please answer me


No you can't go on e-visa for GCC residents to UAE if your iqama is expired or on final exit because both the checkin officers in Saudi will check you iqama right before boarding and the immigration officer in UAE usually asks for it and if you don't have it, then your entry will be rejected.

The ONLY way to do it is to apply for a normal tourist visit visa to UAE through Riyadh embassy and do it the right way.

Good luck

Now I have final exit ksa .then can I entry dubia  directly from Saudi Arabia

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