medical expenses

Does anyone know if I can claim my medical expenses back without going through the agency as there price for doing this is quite high.  And if so how do I go about it,.

Not sure who your insurer is. Claim forms are mostly available online or a visit to the insurers offices. (Agents get 10% commission in Malaysia by introducing business (paid for by you through a higher premium), so that really should be sufficient for them to assist you with any claims - skip agents by buying insurance direct from the insurance company). The expenses that can be claimed are just those associated with hospitalization under local policies usually. Check your policy for details.

Sorry didn't explain it good enough. I am claiming the money back from the Government out of our RM50,000 MM2H deposit as our insurer would not cover my knee. Our MM2H agent want RM300 to process this for me and I just wondered if I can do this myself without involving them.

This seems to explain the process - … quirements - I guess you could courier them to Putrajaya with a covering letter of intention.

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