Iqama transfer for females workers.

I am getting a job. And the company told me that they want me to get my iqama transferred.
I am currently under my dad's iqama as a dependent so is it beneficial to get the iqama transferred?
Will I have any problems in the future?

Well as rules are being implemented strictly now a days so most of the companies here t want your Iqama get transferred before you start your job, as it is not legally allowed to work on dependent status.
Labour office makes frequent raids now a days on organizations, if you get caught working on a iqama having a different sponsor other then your employer then there is a huge fine on both the sides, jail term and may be final exit after that with a ban of 5 to 10 years.

So will I have problems when I want to get the iqama changed back into a dependent once I stop working?

Well there is a age limit i think on dependent iqama. After getting transferred from dependent iqama i dont think that you can transfer back again. I am not sure about it but let others who have knowledge of this can share the information.

Thanks for the info. I have heard that there is an age limit for boys but not for girls. At 25 girls have to submit a letter saying they are not yet married and then they can continue staying on their dad's iqama. I am not too sure as I still have time before I turn 25 so I might be wrong.

I have also heard that  you can go back to your husbands iqama if you have one.

I was under my father's sponsorship and recently got my iqama transferred to the company I am working for. You can change your iqama back to your father's if you stop working. But if there is any payment involved for the transfer, it should be borne by you. I think thats around 5000-6000 SR. I am not really sure about that.

For first tranfer it is 2000 SR and 2nd transfer it is 4000 SR and third transfer it will be 6000 SR

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