Anyone have a good person that can do light rehab to Flat in city?

Need sanding of wood floors, Flat has sound walls from rehab 5 years ago so just need painter to put new colors on the walls that can also  do carpentry as I would like to put up moulding at top of ceiling. Also anyone that has a good window person that could replace older historical windows with better energy savings windows. I have to get windows approved by building management company as historical building.
I am in district V111.

Thank you.

I have found that carpenters are more difficult to get than plumbers. I have been on a waiting list for a carpenter for some time now. "Maybe" he can get to me by October....

Unless you plan to stain the moldings to display the wood, most moldings today are done with styrofoam (which is much easier to install than wood) then painted. And that work does not need a carpenter.

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