Moving to Oslo, Norway.

Hi everybody!

I have been offered a prestigious PhD research fellowship at the UiO starting in October this year. The place is actually quite well renowned in my field and it offers attractive environment for research. I have been offered a salary of 437,000 NOK per year. They have not explicitly mentioned about the tax deduction but I presume they can be quite high max 30%. I also do not know if the PhD fellowships are taxable or not. But considering it is, then I would be left with approx 26,000 nok a month to spend. I have seen and analysed the cost of a single person and I understand it is good enough to live a comfortable but not necessarily a luxurious life for myself.  Now, the point is after a year, my wife is also going to join me there for her master's degree (main target). I am entitled to a slight increase in salary as I advance in my career, but apart from that is such amount of money enough to sustain both of us as long as she doesn't complete her master's and finds a job? I would really appreciate if someone can help me out in this. I am in a real juxtaposition because of this.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Souvik,
We all know that Oslo is more expensive than other part of the country.

Im not a financial expert but i think you& your wife will be fine with your 26-7k a month.

Lits say:
Apartment   10,000-12k
Food                4,500  then your eating good
Elictric &water 1k- 1,500
You still have more or less 9,000 to spend to other things.

So i think you will be fine. ;) good luck.

Thank you so much. I hope things turn out as expected and anticipated.

I assume the UiO is offering you accommodation?  If no, note that most landlords will require a deposit that ranges from 1 to 3 months.  BUT if your employer is a reputable company or organization, the HR dept can issue a letter to guarrantee your stay and some landlords will waive the deposit requirements.

If you have to pay deposit, INSIST on having bank rental deposit account.  It is to safeguard your interests because there are landlords out there that try to cheat tenants out of security deposits.

I am entitled to a researcher's residence from the UiO indeed. I hope I get it. But they also recommend at times to look for alternate accommodation, just in case. But what I have come to know that they assist in looking for apartments in case it is needed. Are you sure that UiO can provide me with a letter that can waive my deposits? If so, should I directly speak to the HR about it?
I would also appreciate if you can tell me something about the bank rental deposit account? Hoe to avail that?

Besides, I would also appreciate if you can give me some idea about the costs of living. If, what I have thought is ok or not?
Thanks indeed.

You  can ask the school about letter to guarantee you so that you don't have to pay rent deposit. My company did it for me and it was drawn up by HR department.

As for the rental deposit account, it is a special account held by the bank. With the tendency agreement, the bank set up this account and you will send money in for the deposit. The bank held custody of it until the tendency agreement is terminated between you and the landlord.  The deposit is then refunded to you unless the landlord make legitimate claim to prevent it from being released to you. Claim like damages to flat etc.  But it has to be legitimate with proof.

Best option would be to get university's accommodation initially as Oslo like other metropolitan cities is bit tricky when it comes to accommodation, i.e. You'll be overcharged and bit difficult to find apartment without deposit. As per my experience most foreigners are given priority for for university's accommodation. You can find shared accommodation in Facebook groups without deposit.
You salary is good for alone residence and enough for two but if you have kids then you might need budget calculations.

Thank you so much. i am also thinking in line with you. I believe it is better if I can take up researcher's university accommodation. If my tax deductions are approx 30 % then I believe things will be pretty much OK.

Thanks for your input.

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