Is 10000RMB after tax enough for a basic salary?

Hi everyone,

I have asked my company to relocate me to Shanghai from London, however, they are trying to be cheap about it.
They have agreed to pay for flights to and from the UK, phone bills, visa, regional travel and international travel for work purposes across asia/australia at least once a month. My basic wage would be 17000RMb after tax with a potential of that growing with commission ( usually ends up being an additional 2000RMB-5000RMB per month)

However, we are having issues on them paying my rent for the first six month (trial period).
They are saying they are happy to subsidize the difference between what i currently pay in London for rent and the cost of the accomodation. however i pay the equivalent of 7000RMB for a room in a flatshare and i hear in Shanghai i can get that for much cheaper, so i really would not want to commit to 7000RMB from my side for some serviced apartment i don't even want to be in. 

Now while i hope i manage to negotiate i better deal with the rent situation, i wanted to understand whether i can live with 10000RMB excluding rent.

For background i am a 24 year old girl. i have to admit i like to party, i eat out, i take ubers everywhere and i am planning to have daily chinese lessons and sign up to the gym. That said, i barely ever shop, i don't stock up on food and lots of the ubers and the eating out I usually expense.

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated, as i do have another job offer here in London who pays me an extra 90000RMB a year


Hi there :) I lived in Shanghai for two months, and can tell you that (excluding rent) 10k RMB will certainly be enough to get by on. Of course, this all depends on how you live your life--buying two Starbucks coffees everyday would be an expenditure of around 2,500 RMB every month. To do your own calculations, take a look at this website:

While most things in Shanghai tend to be on the pricey side, there are many ways to enjoy life in a more thrifty manner. For example, with the proper contacts, you can get into the night clubs free of charge, and enjoy free alcohol. I hope this helped :)

10K  it's not a lot of money to relocate. Your rent sharing a flat will be around 4-5K, you say you party that will bring you down another 2K + food and transportation 2K + travel ?k

The experience might be worth it as Shanghai is awesome, but be ready not to save a lot of money.

Honey, the mere fact that you have an employer who is willing to [1] relocate you, [2] pay for your expenses, [3] provide monthly global travel, and all of this in [4] a top tier Chinese city is fantastic.  Yet, you question it. Are you out of your mind?

Come to China, and enjoy the adventure.  Yes things will be different.  You cannot make apple to apple comparisons. So throw away your ideas that you will act and behave like you do in Europe.  It just will not happen.

Your salary is equivalent to that of well-paid manager.  And you are what? A female under 30 years old.  Do you have any idea how great you have it?

Your assumptions about the tax you will pay are wrong.  Your assumptions of your lifestyle is wrong.  Your thoughts about who you are and what you can provide is ego-inflated.

You like to go out and party, good for you.  But do not expect Western-style parties.  They drink baijiu here.  It's 53%.  It cleans grease off engine blocks and then you can use it in the automobile engine. If you think you might have some fun doing drugs...well that is not going to happen.  Drugs are terribly illegal.  You have two marijuana cigarettes and you can get arrested for distribution.  Which is a DEATH sentence. Though you would get death plus three years = three years of mandatory organ harvesting before they shoot you and bill your family for the bullet.

If you accept the job transfer, be advised that you will be expected to do your job, AND integrate into the society.  Most can't. You will arrive single, so you will not have a support network.  This might serious affect your longevity, even in a Western-influenced Chinese city. Most single Americans (I don't know about Brits) only last for two months before they high tail it home. Plan accordingly.

Are you ready to learn Chinese?  You had better.  I've been living in China for fifteen years now, and my language skills are on par with my little dogs.

So to answer your question.  You will have MORE than enough to live on, and you will be able to save as well. I would advise you frequenting Western establishments and eat local. A Burger King hamburger will run you 50 RMB, but if you eat local Chinese dim sum, noodles or dumplings, you will only pay 15 RMB. If I moved to London,  would eat fish & chips instead of going to PizzaHut every day.

OK.  Enough of the hard sell.  Let me tell you this straight.  You have an excellent opportunity.  I would advise you take it.  If you fail, or fall flat on your face, at least you can say you gave it your best.  If, on the other hand, you thrive, than that is fantastic, and you will look back and say the this was the best decision in your life.

Finally, NEVER, and I do mean NEVER make decisions only upon salary. You will hurt yourself in ways beyond your comprehension. Hon,  sincerely wish you the best.  Good luck.

yes, 10k after tax is really not lots of money in shanghai.

housing will eat a lot from 10k salary.

6000+ may be a reasonably number for your house.

2000-3000 is a basic number for everyday life.

clothes for girl is not so cheap here.

but anyway, 10k is surely ok for your to survival in shanghai.

it's not easy for young people everywhere.

think carefully about your relocate.

good luck.

VENNOX is right. In addition to that, I say that if it could be applicable for me to ask my employer to relocate me all the way back any time in the future, I would certainly decide to accept relocation abroad. To be honest, I would do that unless married.

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