Transfer Sponsorship Procedure 2017


My new employer already sent a request of Iqama transmission to my current company through labor office online, but until now there is no request receive to be approved by my current company.

kindly ask how long it will take hours/days/weeks/month to received the request by my current company?

Your kind reply is appreciated.

Thank You and Best Regards.


I am facing the same problem. How long you took receive the request to your current company. My company send request before 3 days through labor office online but my current company said they did not receive any such request. Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


1) Check the status of MOL if the request is approve or still pending.
     because some of the company have violation in the labor.

2) In my exp. max of 2 Days after the request including the approval of MOL, we receive the request.

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