Cost-effective accommodation for job in DIFC

Hello :)
Where should I be staying if i wish to commute to DIFC within 45 mins?
Monthly salary of USD 5000.



i suggest SATWA very economical to live and its near to DIFC.


LOL.. you want her to live in Satwa? Are you serious?

Do you have any other suggestion please share..

Hi there,

I would suggest motor city, sports city areas, as they are good areas, and rentals are affordable.

Should you require assistance in trying to find a rental, kindly let me know, and I can try and assist.

Kind regards,

Hello there,

JBR is closer to you reach of 45 mins. There u can reach thru metro, which is close to beach and nice eateries.

If  you need help, let me know and i can assist.

Please text me on ***.


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Well, I would say it's good to know you finally got a good job with nice pay. The question raised should be approached from this angle, how much are you willing to release for Bed space in karama or Rooms for bachelors which I believe you want. In effect, I mean to say that this is what will determine where to stay.

Have you heard about, I think they have what you may be looking for in terms of affordability, proximity and more.

If you need more help, you can contact me  by direct mail

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