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Hello, sorry for the newbie question.  With what I've read, driving is a nightmare.  Do people ever hire private drivers?  It would seem that with the average wage in the DR being relatively low and unemployment high, that people would be available for jobs such as this.  I'm not keen on driving when new to an area especially when no one follows basic road rules.  I've read that uber might be coming.  That sounds like a nice alternative to shady taxi drivers, overcrowded buses.  Thanks for reply.

I am not sure about private drivers but I am sure you can find some.  You can hire private cabs on a regular basis and just call him when needed.  And yes Uber is here in SD and Santiago.

Bob K

If you want your own vehicle then yes, hire a driver.

Otherwise its called a taxi or Uber
Find one or two who you like and who drive wdll and keep em on call!

Good morning ,maybe I can help! then I go to the  Puerta Plata, DR. I use
Francisco Martinez <***>
cellphone number is *** honest, nice man and nice family, good value, tell him Stan Elliott fron USA said you would give them a low price.

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Where is he based out of ...will he come to santiago and bring me there...


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