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This is the most informative forum I've ever read.  Thanks to you all.  I recently made the decision to move to retire in DR forever.  I was in the process of getting my Residency Visa paperwork together and was wondering if there are Apostille/Translation services in the DR that would assist me and what the associated fees would e.  There's about 5 - 7 papers that I will need these services for.  Would I be able to go to a Consulate or any other place to get this done while in DR?  I will be coming to DR soon and will stay on Tourist Card.  Also, I will be closing on my house on 8/25 and was wondering if I could still apply for visa "from country of origin" not having a physical address anymore.  Sorry if this is toooooo wordy.......I'm just thinking the consulate here in U.S. will see the address on my Driver's License and will decide to deny visa due to invalid address.  What do you all think/know?  Thank you.

Welcome.  I do not have the answers for you.  If not found on the residency thread here you might have to contact a local lawyer.
Planner may have some idea and there is someone here (forgot her "stage" name) that does this for a living and I am sure she will be along as well.

Bob K

Ok thanks Bob!  Someone else recommended that I contact a lawyer as well.  Have a fantastic day.

Welcome Earl. The translation and apastolizing has to happen there not here. You cannot apply here when on a tourist card you need that 60 day visa. There they "approve" your paperwork for the 60 day visa. So get it done before you leave.

Not sure an address will matter at that point honey. Use the one you have and had!

OK thanks Planner --

I'm hardly working towards it (visa)!  I'll use the address that I had as a few have suggested to me and go from there.  Can't wait to get there, get settled in and enjoy the rest of my life   :top:

Good luck and enjoy the adventure

Bob K


Thanks Bob

Hello earls,

There are ways to apostille documents from the Dominican Republic but it would be significantly cheaper to do so in the USA.

As for translations, they can be done from the DR for a lower cost than the US but the document should be apostilled prior to translating since the apostille needs to be translated as well.

Dominican consulates in the US can be found in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Washington DC (embassy) and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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