Tagaytay Highlands/Midlands/Greenlands

Utilities (private water, underground power lines etc)
Aesthetic (Landscaping)
Community/resort living

Logistics (Disconnect from city epicenter)
Cost of Living
Burgeoning load on existing infrastructure

Any thoughts on the future of these HPI/Belle developments? When we were scouting, most of the midlands projects were sold (except Vireya currenty underway) and preselling, the highlands have all been long gone and the greenlands were aggresively marketed as golf residences. Ended up getting something in the Midlands.

We found it interesting that the developer builds and landscapes the mountain around international themes, US centric themes seem quite popular.

Besides, the air quality and cooler climes, ultimately how the region develops will be infrastructure driven, both internally (around tagaytay) and externally ( Manila/Batangas connectivity), currently it seems burdened.

Any thoughts?

We are also looking into Tagaytay and the surrounding area, perhaps for full time residence.  The biggest negative I have heard is that we will probably need a vehicle to achieve our daily living needs.  I don't want to drive on Luzon.  We will be there in a few months, any other info available will be appreciated.  We would follow the golden rule of renting for at least a year before considering a purchase.

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