Certifying documents

Can anyone tell me where I can get a document certified as a copy of the original in English in Suzhou?

China proscribes areas for foreigners but I have lived in a good, predominantly Chinese suburb in Beijing for 20 years where cost of living and accommodation costs are less.
When moving to China it is essential to have a working knowledge of their language. There are no private doctors here so any medical needs mean a visit to a hospital and it is near impossible without fluent Chinese because most doctors do not speak English. Lack of privacy and confidentiality during these visits are difficult situations to adjust to. Hospitals are very crowded and very few foreigners present. I have had 3 major cancer surgeries here and could not have had better doctors or care and since I have no medical aid, procedures though expensive were affordable.
Most aspects of our cultures are vastly different and to survive adjustment is necessary, however, I had more than 50 birthday wishes and several visitors bearing gifts recently because Chinese have always treated me with great respect and friendship and generosity.

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