Having a Baby????!!!!!

My husband and I have been living in Morocco for a year now, and we just found out that I'm pregnant!  I'm excited but nervous concerning rumors and personal experiences with doctors here.  Last year I had a medical problem that was misdiagnosed and then mis-medicated.  I didn't find out until I went to the US for vacation and got tested when symptoms worsened-- a simple procedure that could have been done here!  Also, a good friend of mine was heavily pressured by doctors to get surgery for a minor problem that resolved on its own in a few weeks-- an ordeal she was saved from by consulting a doctor in America.  I've heard that doctors here are eager to put you under the knife because it makes more money.  SO.... I really really REALLY want to have a natural birth if at all possible, I REALLY NEED my husband to be with me during the birth to keep me sane and coach me, and it would be awesome to have a doctor that speaks English (my French is terrible, and probably even worse when under labor).  Do any of you have experience having children in Morocco?  Do you know of any good doctors that you trust, that listen to your desires and allow you to have birth the way you desire (unless there's an emergency, of course)?  We live in Ifrane but are willing to travel as far as Rabat/Casablanca.

Thanks so much!!!!  I appreciate all of your input!


My wife will ask her auntie for advice. She is a nurse in Casablanca and I'm sure she can advise. I'll send you a dm about Ifrane , hope that's ok

there s good private hospital s in casablanca  they have a good reputation yeah they maybe expensive but .. , any way you need to give " $$" the nurse  for special treatment i mean they well take care of you  ,give you more time make you first in the queue   every thing you need  im not exited to tell you that but thats  how it work here

Thanks for the input!  I will check it out :)

Yes, Thank you!  I appreciate that!

Dear SandandSky,
First, congratulations on your pregnancy.
I have well read your message and do very much understand your worries.
But let me reassure you that there are also very good doctors in Morocco.
I personnally know a good gynecologist that was recommended to me by a friend of mine.
I do trust him and in his competences.
His name is Dr. Agoumi Saad but he's in Casablanca.
120 Boulevard Moulay Idriss I, Casablanca 20100, Maroc
Téléphone : +212 5228-64101
Wish you a healthy and safe pregnancy.
All will go well for you and your baby inshaAllah.
Best regards,

Thank you so much!  Thank you for the reference :)

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