Need Help finding affordable Piano!

Hi all!  I am an opera singer from Maryland and have just moved here with my daughter to get married.  My fiancée and I have just moved into a house but I wasn't able to ship a piano or keyboard for our house.  My fiancée is a voice professor at the university and we both would like to work/teach from home but piano prices and digital piano prices are outrageous.  In the states I know I could get on craigslist and get a used Piano for 50$ or even free and nice keyboards for relatively cheap as well.  Does anyone have any advice for me or know somebody moving who needs to get rid of a piano?  I would be happy to trade for voice lessons or singing for a private party - whatever it takes lol.  Help!

I doubt you'll be able to get a piano worth playing for $50 or less. If it's a trade, who knows? But to buy one at a price even under $100 I doubt it.

Even pawn shops here sell electronics and instruments at high prices compared to the states. I'm not just being negative but telling you what I've seen while living here for almost 2 years.

All electronics here are about double the price in the USA.

That said, look at used stores, look on craigslist, and check out pawn shops just to get an idea of prices. And I do wish you luck! And if you find a place to buy pianos cheap let me know, I'd love to buy one cheap too.

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