Hi folks

I am looking to collaborate with other SA citizens who are either in Montenegro or are in the process of moving.

I am interested in learning about the acquisition of property and the process involved in setting up a business. I will also need to apply for residence.

Would you be open to sharing any contacts you have made and what you have learned?


Hi Jerome

I know a SA lady living in the coastal town on Budva, I can connect you to her. PM me if you'd like the contacts.

With regards to setting up a business or getting a living permit I have my accountant that handles those issues for expat friends (I am a local) I can PM her details to you too.

Let me know

Hello Jerome, I am from South Africa, living and working in London.  Looking to go on a recon trip next month as to buying property and maybe starting a business in Montenegro.  Would be good to connect and hear your plans.

Kind regards


Hi Jerome and Mary,
Welcome to Montenegro!
One family who bought properties from me are from SA so when you visit Montenegro, feel free to get in touch with me, and I can introduce you to them :)

Hi Carine

Mary and I are making arrangements to visit soon. Are you in Tivat?


Yes I am :)
See you when you visit !!
I will send you my whatsapp/viber number!

Hello Carin,

Thank you for your message.  I am due in Montenegro on the 24 September and staying till the 18 October. I'd love to meet the SA people you know who bought property from you.  Jerome and I have been in contact but we are all but missing each other as he will be coming later.  Just one day before I am due to leave.

I am staying for the first week in Kotor.  Please can  you send me your contact details.  Do you have information for me concerning how to become a temporary citizen, as I would like to get the ball rolling regarding buying property there?

Also do you perhaps have the name and contact details of a reliable, qualified lawyer who is well versed in the property market and it's processes. 

I look forward to hearing more from you and meeting you in person.

Kind regards



Hi Mary,
I will send you a PM with my details,
Feel free to contact me,

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