Shisha restaurants/cafes in Hawally?

Are there any decent shisha restaurants/cafes in Hawally, pref not far from the sultan center....Like tche tche or something ?


Hello Kate yes there is many cafes in Hawally Muhallab Mall E Mall in the same mall 😊

The best decent one near sultan is supreme cafe in Emall (Eureka) , Its very cool , I go there sometimes and it's clean and very comfortable for women and girls. Check it out

This is the only shisha cafe i go to ...supreme cafe. Where are the others that are not 'male only cafes' ?

Hi Kate there is in Salmiya Tche Tche cafe a section for ladies try it

There are others on Bin Khaldoon street but they are far from sultan center.

Hi everyone
Just arrived from England yesterday and I'm based in Hawally not far from Cambridge English school .
Anyone around here, please


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