Health insurance and taxes for spouse with foreign income

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  me and my spouse are from India. I am working in Belgium and my spouse recently joined me here on a family reunification visa. My spouse has a job in India which allows her to work from home (while staying in Belgium) and hence can earn income in India. She also pays the income tax on this in India. I have couple of questions. Firstly, how do we handle the income tax in Belgium for both of us? Secondly, how do we handle the health insurance for my spouse? My existing health insurance company says that they will cover her, but because of her income they are asking a very high contribution. Can she buy some other health insurance independently, or something else? My questions are a bit general, but any information about this would be helpful. Thank you!

Family reunification visa kitna day Laga Tha ?

It is not easy to answer your question because you are not clear in your explanations. If you are employed in Belgium, you should normally be covered by the Belgian Social Security for your medical care. And automatically your wife and children are covered. The fact that your wife has a job abroad has nothing to do with Belgian medical coverage !!! So why do you say that insurance requires a sharp increase in premiums?

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Family reunification visa kitna day Laga Tha ?

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