What to expect when moving to Slovenia

Hello everyone,

Is there anything you wish you had known before moving to Slovenia? For example, transportation, internet speeds, types of housing, aspects of the culture or social life.

In your opinion, what's the most important thing to know about Slovenia?

When would you recommend someone should begin planning their move to Slovenia?

What were the most helpful ways you found to get organised? For example, did you use a checklist, were there any particularly useful websites or apps?

What advice would you give to future expats preparing to move to Slovenia?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


What advice would you give to future expats preparing to move to Slovenia?

Don't be smitten by the beauty of the country and the people and do your homework.

Slovenia is corrupt to the core, particularly out of the cities and if you are used to corruption you will adapt but if you are not, get used to it. If you get to know the right people you will prosper.

The tax laws are punative. 41% for the average salary and they will tax and foreign earnings/ pensions if you stay for longer than 6 months per year. As a consequence, the brighter kids want to move abroad.

Next the authorities are a law unto themselves, police and tax, get used to it. You must prove your innocence not them proving your guilt.

The education system is a joke. They must take 14 subjects to 16 then 7 to 18 which means they don't learn much about anything.

Okay, there are the negatives, now the positives.

Beautiful country, lovely weather, warm people, very low crime rates, clean streets. The police won't hassle you unless you drive too fast.

... but the best piece of advice ........ learn the language and when you have you will find other Slavic languages come quickly.

Hope this helps

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