What to expect when moving to Nepal

I hear you. God knows what's going to happen to this country after you leave and get back safely to Europe? All I know is that, being so short-sighted, the people in charge of the rudderless ship have no vision of the future - absolutely none. So it is just a matter of time as to when the tidal wave you mention will come? The people I really feel dreadfully sorry for are the poor who of course account for the greater segment of the country's population. They have already suffered enough hardship as things now stand and they deserve a better life. They are being dealt a raw deal.
If I may say so, I think you are doing the right thing, to go now and not wait. The tidal wave will come soon enough.

And just in further protest, I'm going to eat a ham (beef) burger every day for a year.  :)

H O L Y  C O W !

Speaking of the holy animal, we can say that one of the differences therefore between Nepal and a country like Switzerland is that in Nepal - as everyone knows - it is strictly forbidden to eat cow meat here but cows are totally allowed to block traffic in city streets - whereas - in orderly Zurich, you can eat cow meat but you can bet your bottom dollar that their presence in city streets will never be tolerated by the police there!
Other animals in Nepal are not so privileged. If we are to believe the Daily Mail, some 300,000 animals  or more, are killed every year to bring worshipers good luck, mostly goats of course, but also buffaloes and even birds.
The greatest outcry from the rest of the world, therefore outside of Nepal, continues to be voiced over the annual bizarre (to most westerners) ritual of the killing of a female goat at time of 900 year old Khokana Festival. That day an unfortunate female goat is thrown in a pond and torn apart until it dies while it is still alive. Barbaric and back to the times of Moses too. 
These little tidbits of information fit in nicely with the topic here of "What to Expect When Moving to Nepal"

And I didn't even mention wet bathrooms. I mean really, 21st Century, and I had to get a contractor to install a rod for a curtain for a...wet bathroom? In the 21st Century? Oh, guess I just did mention the wet bathroom, silly me.

Cows are holy yet they're "all" emaciated. Dichotomy goes well here. Meanwhile every five years, the peaceful Nepalese turn in to the barbarians they truly are by killing (sacrificing) 5000 water buffalo and not for consumption. Just for the sake of killing, I mean sacrifice. In addition to another 200,000+ animals over a five day period. I'm getting hungry; think I'll mosey into Thamel to K-too for a cow 🐮 filet burger 🍔 tonight. I'll just call it my kill- er sacrifice burger. Holy and all hand in hand with this "Shiva" business. A figment just as Jesus or Harvey the 🐰.

Well I will continue to read the posts here but I guess I've kicked this dead horse - I mean cow all I can kick it.
Foremost regards

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