What to expect when moving to Kuwait

Hello everyone,

Is there anything you wish you had known before moving to Kuwait? For example, transportation, internet speeds, types of housing, aspects of the culture or social life.

In your opinion, what's the most important thing to know about Kuwait?

When would you recommend someone should begin planning their move to Kuwait?

What were the most helpful ways you found to get organised? For example, did you use a checklist, were there any particularly useful websites or apps?

What advice would you give to future expats preparing to move to Kuwait?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


I found and still find the bureaucracy to be awful and in many cases nonsensical for example a person might have been driving his/her whole life but can't have a driving license unless they have a university education. I find the traffic and driving in general to be very bad and I find the building standards within every level of accommodation to be quite poor with little or no regard to fire safety regulations.

On the plus side I find the country to be safe with no tension between the many different cultures.

Note - If you are a vegan make sure you bring the essentials with you otherwise you'll struggle.

To All
Whoever wish to come Kuwait for some work that person must check following things;
1. Check what is written in your agreement about Housing ? Does the Housing is included or not ?
2. If the Housing is included what kind of housing is that ? because some times the housing is given in a very shabby area or accommodation where many people are staying at one place.
3. If the Housing is not included then they should give you some money for renting the place. Here in Kuwait 1 bed apartment cost you 200 KWD to 250 KWD per month. In some old building and far away areas may have little lesser rent i.e. 120 to 200 kwd. If you are going to share with somebody you have to spent bet. 30 - 50 kwd at least.
4. Some employers give 'Visit Visa' for the first comer. That Visa might be for 3 mths or 6 mth. Once the visa is expired again the sponsor extends the visa but can not extend more than 1 year. So till that time you are not a legally working with company. When a company issues a proper Work Visa then only you are registered with the Ministry. And then only your contract period start.
5. Unless you work for 2 years legally you can not change the sponsor while you are in Kuwait. Else you need to go back to your parent country and come back on new work visa.
6. Only Graduate person can apply for the driving licence. Exception are e.g.person with Driver Profession, etc.
In my next post I will give some more information to my friends. Have a good day.

I'll second the bureaucracy.  Holy smokes, it's worse than you can imagine sometimes.  I think once you get passed it though, it's not so bad.

What do I wish I knew beforehand?  Don't pack anything gun shaped in your household goods.

Now, I know you're saying "duh! What did you think was going to happen!?!" 

But hear me out.  I mean things like:

My kids telescope

My battery operated drills

My kids nerf guns

My timing lights (tool for a car)

And so on.

After 5 months, I'm still living out of the bags I had on my flight over here because my stuff has been sent to a lab for inspection...   :joking:

Good times ;)

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