Looking in to Filipino store in Santo Domingo

Hi everyone, just recently moved here in boca chica , is there's a Filipino stores in santo domingo?

Welcome to the forum.  I live on the north coast so I cannot help.  But someone will be along with the info for  you.

Bob K

I second the welcome and  I've never seen one in SD.

I understand there is a large Chinese population in SD.  Is there a Chinatown like area?  Being Chinese, I wouldn't mind being able to access traditional Asian vegetables and groceries.

Yes we have a chinese community in SD. Every Sunday there is a.large market on Calle Duarte near Mella. Lots of good.options there!

Thanks for the imfo, I'm going to check that out! Thanks for the imfo!!!!

Thanks I appreciated!

Thanks planner for ur replied!!'

I really appreciated for the imfo guys, going to check that out!!!

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