Is 65k Euro a good salary for an Indian family of 3 in Amsterdam?

Hello , I got a offer from for a Senior System Engineer role. They are offering 65K Euro with relocation benefits in Amsterdam. Basically I am from Hyderabad earn about 20lakhs INR per annum. Am married with 6 months old daughter. Is 65K good offer to relocate. I need to save atleast 1100 euros to bear my expenses back in India. hope i will be entitled for 30% tax waiver. I would prefer to stay somewhere close to my work location. Will there be good accommodation close to booking office. and how much will it cost. What other expense i should consider. Thanks in advance for you help/suggestions.

Not an easy question to answer specifically as it depends on your wishes and lifestyle.  Personally, my opinion is it's doable, but you've chosen one of the most expensive city's in the world to move to.

The Numbeo website offers information related to the cost of living in many cities/towns around the world; this link will take you to the one for Amsterdam; you can also use it to compare Amsterdam to other Dutch towns.  Word of warning, the data reflects the previous 12 months, so is always a bit behind the curve.

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I am in the same position. Can we connect separately?

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