The good,bad and ugly of Guatemala

I have read a lot of replies on this forum about the people of Guatemal and their attitude toward gringos, I have lived many years in S.E. Asia and found most of my experiences good very little bad and rarely ugly, (here it comes) but I know to trust a person takes time and I include gringos too. I worry more about physical violence then petty crime and hatred more then some lies, I need to live where I can associate with locals and gringos alike, would appreciate any comments on living in Guatemal. I am now living in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. I still wish to see Honduras and Guatemala.

In Guatemala, locals are very welcoming toward the expats..
I have been living here for 27 years and have to experience racism only 2 times (go back to your country if you don't like it here...) . Now it is all question of attitude.. You need to be humble, try to understand their language and customs. Know the basic of the law wo syou are not taken advantage of. I would highly recommend Guatemala to relocate.

Thanks for the reply

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