Traveling to Norway soon

Hi guys
I'm trave to Norway in October for a few days
I'm from England & im black English? My friend is from Norway & she has informed me I'll be ok & that the men will love me due to my personality as I'm very bubbly & just out of curiosity will me being of a different race be a problem?

Nope there are people here of every shape colour and size, you will find folk more beguiled by your englishness than anything!

i don't think Black is that rare in Norway nowadays.  Unless you look extremely "interesting".

My friend is from Zambawee.  But one of her grandparents was from Scotland.  She has green eyes, dark skin (but not very dark) but very black africa hair.   She grew up in UK and has very english accent.

She was stopped by a number of norwegian guys and women who are curious about where she is from.

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