Work is looking for a man...

Hey hey!

We're a car parts company based in Warsaw, looking for a budding actor or actress to be our public face on social media. Somebody to present our complete range of technology upgrades to our customers, most of whom just so happen to live stateside. So...

Are you comfortable in front of the camera?
Are you interested in getting your hands on some amazing vehicles?
Do you have a convincingly North American accent?

If you can answer yes to one, two or three of these questions, drop me a line below. We're ready to offer consistent work (they say there's no such thing as too many YouTube videos...) with negotiable pay and conditions.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Krystyna,

Welcome to the forum  :)

Could you please drop an advert in the proper section of the website ?

- Jobs in Warsaw

Interested members will contact you through your ad.

Thanks in advance,

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