New finance/IT consultant in Jeddah interested in various activities

Hi everyone,
now I feel that the subject above feels like a newspaper article's title describing something weird and suspicious.
I hope I'll prove my innocence in a couple of next paragraphs.

I'm about to move to Jeddah for approx. 4-6 months, but no one knows how it will turn out at the end, as projects sometimes behave unexpectedly. I'll work in Saudia City, hopefully not too long hours. I'm from Lithuania, Europe, worked in London for last 6 years.
I will bring my wife with me as well.
And I'm convinced that the larger social circle perfectly correlates with an interesting life!

So I'm really interested to meet anyone who share the same interest in these (or other) things :)
    • Kitesurfing
    • Playing guitar
    • Learning languages:
        ○ Arabic
        ○ French
        ○ Spanish
    • Has interest in watches
    • Likes to ride motorcycles
    • Enjoys occasional climbing to some 4km mountain
    • Would like to or has travelled around the world
    • Practices Krav Maga or Brasilian Jujitsu (I'm a beginner here)

Here are a few of my wife's
    • Perfumes - the more niche, the better
    • Fashion, styling and beauty
    • Relationships
    • Interior design
    • Singing
    • Playing piano
    • Healthy living
    • Instagram

If anyone would like to have a chat somewhere nice, please post below, or send me a personal message.
Thanks and see you!

Best regards,

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